There are many ways to get to our surfing school, but the simplest one is to look right after you have received your luggage and come in the welcome zone of the airport: there you will see many little counters with Sri Lankan men in white shirts. It is very good and totally legal taxi service. In 10 minutes you will be drowsing in a comfortable minivan driving through toll roads around traffic jam-ups of Colombo. It will cost a standard Sri Lankan price – 12000 rupees for a car to Weligama (Jagabay Resort). This is equal to about 100 American dollars. Free lifehack: there is room for 5 people with luggage in a car (so it does make sense to find fellow passengers, maybe right in the airport).

The most complicated but cheap variant is to go by bus, then by train.

As the airport is situated not in Colombo, but in the neighboring town Negombo, you will have to take a bus (about 3$) or a tuk-tuk (about 15-20$) in order to get to the railway station of Colombo.
A train ticket costs about 3-5$, the road takes 3 hours and it is very likely that you will have to stand all the way to Weligama station where we will meet you with a name sign.

There is one more variant – pricy, but funny – by tuk-tuk from the airport. It costs almost as much as a car, but you will have got far more impressions and lose far more time =)))

You can also always ask your question or book a transfer by our e-mail:


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