Our Team

Surfing is one of the most thrilling and amazing sports in the world. The beauty and the power of waves, the excitement when you ride a wave or the feeling of tremendousness of the ocean when you sit on the board waiting for the next one are beyond words.

I founded “World Ride” school of surfing in Sri Lanka in 2011 because I knew that if you teach a person to ride well, he or she would become as obsessed with waves as I am. After some time we have taught over 1000 people and for us there is nothing like seeing the faces of the guys who rode their first wave and hearing their cry of admiration when they self-forgetfully enjoy surfing like little children.

From the very beginning I have been surrounded by remarkable people who were not only professionals in their business – coaches, photographers, administrators – but were also keen and motivated to do their job the best they could and convey knowledge for the students’ good and joy.

World Ride Surf School – the school of surfing and the surfing camp – is the result of the whole team’s efforts over all this time. Constantly and tirelessly we improve the quality of our teaching and service, thus becoming better along with our students. Our instructors have international Surf Coach & Lifeguard certificates by ISA.

“I love ocean, I teach riding waves and this is what I live for”
– Alexander Strelnikov, the founder of “World Ride” school of surfing.

Our school guarantees:
– Professional licensed coaches
– Productive lessons and important theoretical training
– New equipment of excellent quality
– Maximum six students per coach
– Observation of all safety standards
– Health, fun and friendly company!


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